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Plan for 2024

Plan for 2024

Trade well, risk manager Derek Frazier

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Creating a positive expectancy in the market is possible if you know where the turns are happening and you can manage risk well. I don't plan on messing that up but I will make mistakes and try to keep those to a minimum. So the goal for next year is to do about 20% return and do it by keeping the Hurst Cycles portfolio of approximately 50 stocks based in all types of areas of the financial markets. I'm going to make sure people understand that using Hurst is a powerful method, so that they trust me. I will take more issues on to that watch list and I will take some off during the course of every trading month. I'll trade volatility as well. I plan on using a very common approach to risk. I also hope to be able to explain what it is I'm doing and help people understand my trading style so they can trust me. This is where I will take trades and show where/when I enter and exit with an approach that makes sense using cyclitecnical data and some fundamental inputs. I'll be approaching this portfolio manager role very simply and classically, managing a portfolio that wont take more than 1% risk for positioning and I might have up to 10 positions on at a time that will be using stops and targets that are flexible considering any new cyclical/fundamental information. People are always looking at how to trade. Also, people that are looking for an online business will be searching for my information and probably finding it next year. It all depends on how good the portfolio is and what the returns are like as well as how well I'm able to explain trading and analysis and if my ability to become/remain a leader in this area continues or not. The key is to follow the market everyday and to know when to pull the trigger. Putting the right risk on, taking profits and staying away from things when profits are made and not giving things back are the tenets of trading well. I do consider myself able to produce results based on the posts that you've probably seen before, in the last years and I encourage people to go back to look at my posts and to make a value decision and become a supporter. You can support me by recommending my work and sending my posts to people who can use them.


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