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Dec 15, 2022·edited Dec 15, 2022Author

The stop was there for a reason, but may actually be turning into an entry. It was a good trade but since has turned into a rout that could be participated in. When youre swing trading, watch intraday for opportunities to offset losses. Using $UVXY long can pad the loss on days like this. One last thing, if affecting entry on the open of today, the entry was 395 not 400. If buying overnight, which isnt advised on stocks, then 400 was used. Buying 395 was a discount. Its too bad but it was a good trade. Now, I must ask if this is the last move down. But that is a job for Tomorrow and thereafter. I do believe there will be more buying into the beginning of an 80 day cycle. Perhaps this is the last move down and it can continue higher.

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