Mar 24, 2022 • 3M

Day Type Audio Review: $NQ futures Bottom of Value Play

1435 CST comments on a range formation trade while 20 day cycle peak forming

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Derek William Frazier
At the end of every trading day I focus on the type of day that developed and how cycles apply to the trading that was done. I also look ahead and see how the market is transforming as I make hypotheses on cyclical activity. I then look forward to the next trading day and week using sector analysis.
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This is about a NASDAQ trade that happened today while Tesla and other issues were doing well it seems that while the 20-day cycle is peaking and higher time frame sellers are taking profits here there was still opportunity as a new 10-day cycle was forming it's trough so with this competing action it's best to pick out the lows of a developing range after the first 3 hours cycle has completed in the market look for buying at the Lowe's of the previous hours value to take it to a new high

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