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Cyclitecnical Trading Podcast #1

Cyclitecnical Trading Podcast #1

a trainee in my program and I chat about getting started full time

This is a discussion between me and a recently joined trainee with limited cyclitecnical knowledge... about becoming a full time trader by using the first hour of the NY open to trade opening range style trading with bearish cyclitecnical scans.

Also, starting to use the Thinkorswim application for scans, watchlists and styles, to be involved in opening range and day trading, as well as how to interpret the market around a 20 week cycle's first 20 day trough pullback.

Also discussed is how to fund your TOS account for live data inside paper trading, how to have a virtual machine for two accounts to get the scans in the LIVE account, because they dont allow scans to be used in the paper trading account.

You can find the Cyclitecnical Trader Accelerator here: