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Listen to Advised #8: Cyclical Trading Upcoming Program Launch

Listen to Advised #8: Cyclical Trading Upcoming Program Launch

1530 CST

There are a few candidates already in the system. IF you are already thinking that this type of trading you have seen is worth your time and effort, than consider emailing me at DEREK@ADVISEDTRADER.COM to talk about your needs and what results you will need to have in order to become a case study for this highly original and well thought out program coming soon.

As an incentive, I will open my schedule to interview 3 candidates over Zoom to see if this program will be a good way for them to receive training completely free. 

Please apply at the email above for consideration and write a detailed email that requests to be part of the launch and to be a case study as well as the amount of willingness you have to participate. Because it is free, I will only choose the best 3 candidates. 

This program is going on sale very shortly. Its best to make contact now to raise a good impression and maybe you can be a case study. 


Derek Frazier