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Listen to Advised #5: Mission, Vision and Philosophy

Listen to Advised #5: Mission, Vision and Philosophy

also, the difference between a trading education vendor and an entrepreneur trying to better the lives of people

MISSION Statement of Advised Trader 

Inform traders and investors about cyclical and fundamental analysis and how they converge to produce a trade decision that is faster, lighter on risk and with higher alpha impact on portfolios.

My vision for traders that work with me

No service in this age should be developed without empowering an investor or trader to do it themselves or take part in the work that is conducted in one way or another… in less than 2 years. I think after 2 years, a true entrepreneur has already got an exit strategy for the client.

Mine is to form a limited partnership for my traders! If you don't know this about me, you do now. I have a series 65 license and am registering an RIA next year. This gives people that want to work with me an “out” and puts them in the driver seat to:

  • Control their work

  • Participate on teams

  • Grow their account

  • Choose their time investment wisely to reap personal and career rewards. 

My Philosophy

“Take traders, train them, work with them, listen to what they want.. construct the process and solution WITH them. It's a two way street with business. Gurus aren't like that. Entrepreneurs have to deliver 20x value or don't even bother to bring a product to market. “