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Listen to Advised#2: Traders! Noone is coming to save you

Listen to Advised#2: Traders! Noone is coming to save you

I think you're starting on the right foot

This week's Private Group class is tomorrow at 330 CST for upgraded subscribers is going to include a chart review of some major setups in the markets that are setting up. It will be recorded and I suggest that you print out some screenshots of what is discussed and tape them to your wall so you can follow them closely over the week ahead. You can also have 5 minutes to screenshare your own ideas with the group.

And of course, if you have questions please write them down because I'm going to start a thread here, with them on Saturdays that we can all look at.

The link for the discussion will be sent out over email.

I start at 330 CST!

###if you can't make it … it's not a big deal, you can send your question to me after you see the recording on Saturday but I'd appreciate it if you watch it at night just to make sure I have all your questions answered about my presentation… it gives me time to think about your ideas that you want to give to the group as well as I begin to start the process to open the pro trading room and make preparations for the LinkedIn strategy group###